An arborist is a certified professional

who has studied and been trained in the cultivation and care of trees and shrubs, including tree surgery (pruning and safe removal), the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of tree diseases.

Arborists are also trained and qualified in the operation of chainsaws, machinery and safe climbing techniques and are skilled at cutting trees at heights above ground level.

An arborist can efficiently assess the condition of trees checking their health and stability and offer solutions for the long-term care and cost effective maintenance of the tree.

Trees are previous and a necessity to the environment to provide a habitat for the wildlife and the quality of our lives, so it's crucial we protect trees. Well maintained trees help produce oxygen, provide shade which in turn helps keep temperatures down, help reduce noise and pollution levels and naturally make our environment aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

An arborist will provide safe work sites including trained ground's person during all works, allocate and mark safe zones around all work areas with a dedicated drop zone for tree debris, erection of any road signage required and safe work zones allocated for any machinery operation.

Be aware of:

  • Any person that door-knocks telling you your tree needs to be removed
  • Make sure they are certified and trained in this industry
  • Do not "lop" or "top" trees, this will in fact harm your tree and may fail in a storm
  • Ask if they are members of the Queensland Arboriculture Association
  • Ask if they have insurance

Things to remember:

  • You may need your local Council's approval before you heavily prune or remove any tree
  • Certain trees are protected
  • Only appoint a certified arborist
  • Prepare your trees before storm season
  • Incorrect pruning or "lopping" of trees will require more frequent trimming and maintenance, therefore increasing the frequency of visits by your tree lopper and therefore costing you more money
  • Check out the QAA website for more information