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The team at Michael’s Tree Lopping are experts in all aspects of tree trimming, pruning and hedge trimming. We carry out all of our work to the highest standards and comply to all relevant local council guidelines. In addition to general maintenance, tree trimming is important when branches or sections of the tree are either obstructive or dangerous or are at risk of damaging your home or other structures.

If you would like to discuss any concerns you over trees within your property, or that are hanging over your fence then feel free to give us a call for an obligation free quote.

Tree Trimming Promotes Healthy Growth

Tree’s add some amazing benefits to your yard or property. They enhance the landscape, provide shade and can be used to promote privacy by creating a barrier between your home, and neighbors or busy roads. However, it is important to correctly care for trees, from when they are first planted to ensure that optimal growth is promoted.

The team at Michael’s tree trimming can help with your trees, no matter what stage of their growth cycle they are at. We can help with:

The crown of your tree is the striking part of the plant and can be shaped to suit the location and surroundings. Thinning involves reducing the number of branches that make up the canopy of the tree, whereas crown lifting involves removing lower branches which creates space closer to ground level and can create amazing spaces with natural shade.

Sometimes when a tree is diseased, the best option is to remove the affected section of the plant to give the rest of the tree the best chance of survival. The team and Michael’s Tree Lopping have years of experience in identifying different types of diseases that could be affecting your trees and advising on the best approach when it comes to reparation.

Keep your trees in top condition by organising to have them trimmed regularly. Regular tree trimming promotes new growth and has a much lower negative impact on the plant itself than trimming large sections at a time.

When trees are young, and still in their formative stages we have the opportunity to shape and control how they grow. This allows us to selectively trim their natural branch growth to ensure that the tree will grow in a way that meets your needs and suits your property.

Depending on seasonal factors, some trees can grow too quickly. When this happens the number of branches and the distance between branches can impact visibility, cause diseases and increase wind resistance and the risk of branches breaking in strong winds and storms, which are common in Brisbane.

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