Tree Removal Brisbane Specialists

If you are looking for a professional tree removal company in Brisbane, the team at Michael’s Tree Lopping are here to help. Whether you are updating the landscaping at your home or office, needing help with a diseased or dead tree or simply needing to get some space back, you can be sure that we have the skills, equipment and experience to remove any type or tree, large or small, quickly, easily and at competitive pricing.

When other tree maintenance options, such as pruning, thinning or reduction won’t work,
then sometimes the best option is to remove the tree entirely.

Why do people have trees removed?

There are a number of reasons that our clients come to us to have trees removed. These can include:

  • Changes to their landscaping plans
  • Clearing room for new structures, fences or pools
  • Trees causing structural damage
  • Trees growing too close to house or fence
  • Death or disease
  • Wanting more room in the garden
  • Obstruction of views
  • Increase light and sunshine in yards and homes

No matter what reason, our friendly team of professionals are here to
help you remove trees quickly and easily.

When should you consider a professional Tree Removal company?

In most cases, it is best to get help from a professional for any tree removal project. Removing trees can be dangerous, and very hard work if you don’t have the right safety equipment or tools and machinery needed. Also, depending on the size of the tree you may be required to enlist a professional based on legal requirements and local council policies.

In cases when a tree has been damaged or fallen in a storm, it is always best to reach out to a professional to ensure that the tree itself can be inspected and safely removed.

What kind of tree can we remove?

The team at Michael’s Tree Lopping have access to a wide range of tools and equipment, which means that no matter what type of tree you are dealing with, its location or species or height or size, we can design a tree removal plan to suit your needs.

We specialise in gum tree removal.

For any tree removal, the best thing to do is reach out and organise an obligation free inspection and quote. From here, we will be able to provide you with full details about the job, how we plan to approach it, what safety precautions need to be taken and the amount of effort and equipment required.