Michaels Tree Lopping has the right equipment, knowledge and experience to handle any kind of Palm tree trimming or palm tree removal.

Palm trees are everywhere in Brisbane and thrive in our Queensland climate. However, this means that often they can get out of control and need to be pruned. Also, most types of palm trees will drop their fronds as they die off, which can cause damage to homes, cars and be a risk to you and your family. By working with Michael’s Tree Lopping, you can be sure that you have removed any fronds that are at risk of dropping proactively and minimise any risk.

Palm Tree Maintenance and Care

We can help you with every aspect of caring for and maintaining palm trees on your property, or that are likely to impact you and your family. There are hundreds of different varieties of Palm trees around and knowing what type you are dealing with is important when it comes to choosing the best way to manage these trees. Also, the age of the palm tree will play a large role in determining the amount and type of care that will be required.

We can help with:

  • Removal of dead palm fronds
  • Removal of diseased leaves or palms
  • Removal of messy fruit or pods
  • Mulching and chipping palm tree leaves
  • Working at heights
  • Frond thinning and grinding

Our Equipment

A fully-grown palm tree is a beautiful thing. But most palm trees when fully grown are higher than what the average home gardener is able to manage. Often, specialised equipment is required to properly care for your palm tree. The team at Michael’s Tree Loppers have all the necessary equipment to maintain and care for your palm trees. We can also organise any machine or equipment hire that may be required, keeping the process simple for you.

Palm Tree Removal in Brisbane

Like most trees, palm tree removals are subject to council approval when beyond a certain height. This means that if you are considering removing a tree from your yard, then you might want to considering getting some help from an expert.

The team at Michael’s Tree Lopping have years of experience in dealing with council applications and managing approvals and rejections. If this is something that you don’t know much about, or haven’t done before, then getting the help of a local Brisbane based tree removal professional can help speed up the process, minimise errors and ensure that your application is approved.

Once approved however, we are also able to provide you a full service for the removal of your palm trees, including stump grinding and root removal. If your palm trees have gotten out of hand, give out team a call and we would be happy to help you work out the best options for your tree pruning and removal needs.